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How has this site being brought online:

This site has been developed because I was already searching for mine family roots and i wanted to bring it online for others. At the same a hyve called Mens occured on the net (
At this Mens hyve it seemed very soon that more people where searching for their roots. Some of them had already complete (offlline) trees of their part from the family.

I made the decision to offer them mine knowledge to set up the genealogy site from mensen to mense and mens and bind al info together. Thats the reasond that at this site there are more trees from the family mens and some of them will go back until the 16th century.
At this moment the family spreaded al over the Planet.
The family Mens, Mense and Mensen are found in New Zealand, Australia, Indonisia,Canada, The United Kingdom,The USA, Belgium, Germany and last but not least The Netherlands. Some of this trees are not in the Dbase because i do not have enough information to connect them.

Is your surname also Mens, Mense of Mensen , then i will ask you to fill in the registration form
it is important is to fill in the Comment - Notes section with the following: full names, Birth-dates and birth places from your grandfather, father and mother.
Then and only then you will gain extra permission to see living persons down from your grandfather (4 generations downwards)

You will also see then if you are in the tree or not.
You will also be able to see if the information is correctly, all incorrect information will be corrected at all time (information can be send from this page).

If you are not present in the tree (and want to be present) , and your name is Mens, Mense or Mensen, please contact me. It will also be possible to bring in new trees from the Mens, Mense or Mensen family.

Richard Mens,
Beverwijk, The Netherlands.

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